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I am a certified life coach and registered retirement consultant with BA and MSc degrees, who will provide a unique holistic approach to help you achieve your personal and professional goals. I have a passion for helping individuals and families to take back control of their finances and live more positive and successful lives. I have helped families to retire over 20% wealthier and pay off debts 10% – 30% faster.

Consultations vary depending on the service you are looking for. It would be best if we scheduled a meeting together via zoom or phone call. 

I work with various professionals from different industries. Please visit my Booking Page to find out more about which plan works best.

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Please browse my latest release and learn about how you can walk in abundance with me. Take that first step towards achieving a better life.


Life can take us on a bumpy ride if we don’t know the signs to look out for and how to navigate towards abundance and achieving our goals.


Sometimes all you need is a voice of reason, in helping you make the best decisions. Find out how I can be that voice.

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Interested to know more about me? I am willing to share my knowledge and experiences from working in different financial sectors, industries and countries in pursuit of fulfilling my dreams.  Find out how I can help you along your journey!


Make sure to tune into my weekly blogs.  I incorporate fun, and an expressive collection of articles on various topics of interest to promote the awareness and growth of individuals like you.

Diana M. Myrie

Are You Overwhelmed With Life And Feeling Mentally Drained?

I am a certified Life Coach…. I have a passion to help individuals, families and business owners take back control of their finances and live more positive and successful lives. Schedule your free discovery call with me to see how I can help. 

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In order to reap a great harvest and have abundance in our lives we have to start with sowing the right seeds, using the right tools and having the right knowledge with the patience to succeed.

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Please contact me for more information on how you can walk in abundance. 

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“This is a very motivational read for those who need guidance on money management. The information contained within is very useful for people looking for easy to implement strategies relating to their finance”
Jennifer Leigh
I liked the book. It’s inspiring and a overall good read. Throughout the book it touches on key aspects that directly impact our everyday lives!”
Kelly Read
I appreciated how the author meshed her faith with practical financial advice. It’s good for newbies and a refresher for people who are already saving, investing and planning for retirement. I will be looking out for more material as I found the information really helpful”
Donovan Astus

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