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The Importance Of Challenging Ourselves in 2021

By Diana Myrie

I completed and published my first e-book called Overcome Lack and Step into Abundance, Your Ultimate Guide to Financial Freedom. The book was a dream come true, as I had this desire to be a published author for as long as I can remember. There were several unfinished drafts of stories and a couple books that embody the few attempts to achieve this goal. However, I guess as they say, the timing never seemed right, and I suppose if I am being honest, I didn’t want it badly enough, though it was never very far from my mind.

How to Tell if You Have Found Your Purpose in 2021

By Diana Myrie

I have come to the realization that your purpose is oftentimes borne out of being in difficult circumstances, times of disillusionment or despair. There have been numerous times I have had to learn to dig in and get past feelings of self-doubt, failure and regret and push through.